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Thursday, April 06, 2006

5 from the Smoke #3

Heard these via my Launchcast station, puffdoggydaddy.

song XXL(2005)
artist - Keith Anderson

Country, butt boogie. Good stuff.

TtCS ranking 5 Stars
song Unleashed(2005)
artist - Chris Classic

Grabbing a big handful of Nazareth's Hair of the Dog wins this song the "Heard it in a Commercial First" award for 2005.

TtCS ranking 5 Stars
song Sugar, We're Going Down(2005)
artist - Fall Out Boy

This song could've been a hit whenever it came out. It would fit in most any era.

TtCS ranking 5 Stars
song SOS(2006)
artist - Rihanna

Best thing about this is that it heavily samples "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell. I guess it's alright. I'd listen to it again.

TtCS ranking 3 Stars

Click play below to start video.

song I'm in Love with a Stripper(2005)
artist - T-Pain

Catchy. Damn catchy.

TtCS ranking 4 Stars


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