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Friday, March 31, 2006

Offering Assistance to Iran...

Bush has offered aid to Iran in the face of the earthquake that they recently had.

But it's Iran, fer Gawd's sake. Maybe I'm still holding a grudge over the hostages and all, but so what. I grew up knowing how the words "Death to America" sounded in Farsi, cause those bastards were on my television screen every night through the late 70's crowing it as loud as they could.

Proto-nuclear power. Hates America. The real bad guy in the Middle East. The one who definitely has weapons of mass destruction and the means to acquire more.

Hello...they're the villains of the story.

Let Saudi Arabia come up off of some of the multi-billions of oil dollars that they have made off of America and the rest of the world and act to save their own.


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