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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Callous and Impolite...

Katie Couric was interviewing Laura Bush last week in relation to a library program related to making sure there were enough library books in the schools reopening in Katrina's wake.

Couric interrupted Mrs. Bush, three times that I saw...and I'm sure it was more than that.

It wasn't hard hitting journalism. It was Couric being an ass. Obviously designed as a feel good piece on the recovery from Katrina, Couric had to put her hard edge in it to try and prove that she still has the cojones to do "real" news.

I won't be watching when she takes over the center seat over at CBS Evening News.

You could be rude to Hillary all you wanted. She got out there and put herself in the center of policy issues and such. Thereby making herself a target for pundits and politicos.

While all Laura is doing is keeping busy being a First Lady in the classic sense, taking up causes, literacy, books for the Gulf Coast, etc.

The barely veiled rudeness shown to the First Lady was the last straw. I won't ever watch the Today Show while she is still there and I won't be watching the CBS Evening News when she takes over.


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