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Monday, May 22, 2006

The NEXTEL NASCAR All Star Challenge at Charlotte, NC...the Just Us Cupdate

Jimmy Johnson wins the All Star Race in Charlotte, NC.

Scott Riggs won the NEXTEL Open to qualify for the All Star race, Kyle Petty voted in as Most Popular Driver(not already in the Challenge)

Toyota...2007...and Beyond

Raceflash: The NEXTEL Open

Raceflash: The NEXTEL NASCAR All Star Challenge

Larry Mac looking at Robert Yates and Dale Jarrett...the end of an era

Dale Jarrett beginning to feel backlash as he prepares to leave Ford for Toyota

Look for pit stops every 35 to 40 laps during the Coca-Cola 600. The longest race of the year...with a gas tank 7 gallons smaller...yeah...that makes sense

NASCAR...the Unleaded Future

GM quietly asked NASCAR to begin considering moving to Ethanol

The Running of the Toyota Red Bulls, the Silly Season-Team Building Rumors Begin

Uh huh...guess Chad Knaus wasn't the only one cheating at Daytona. Notice they don't name names.

Where are the drivers of tomorrow

Schrader wins the ARCA Race at Toldeo

Things happen on a race track...you slip up...you slip down...you get loose...you run up the track...you come down on someone in your blindspot...stuff happens...but I'm beginning to think that these guys really don't like one another

Last year, LMS ate tires. This year, the tires can't stick. Mr. Car Meet Mr. Wall

Mark Martin...Rap Icon...Uh huh...yeah...sure

Of 5 cars entered, Roush only had one see the checkered flag...and it had a bashed in passenger side.

Humpy wants to keep the working man in NASCAR's future

Chad Knaus begins to wonder about where his contract extention is


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