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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Israel at War: The UN Disgusts Me!

1. The Israelis have been enduring mortar attacks and rocket attacks from southern Lebanon for awhile now.

The UN sat on their hands.

2. The Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon was supposed to allow the Lebanese Army to take control of the areas where they had been and to stand up to Hezbollah on their streets. They did not do this.

The UN did nothing.

3. The Israelis took matters into their own hands. Students of history will realize that this is a pattern that keeps repeating. The Israelis go along and go along for so long and, then, they set out to try to solve their problem on their own.

And now...NOW, the UN wants to force a ceasefire and force the Israelis to back off so that Hezbollah can regroup.

I'm calling bullshit on the UN.

You know what? Actually, I think the Israelis should allow a UN Mandated Ceasefire to take affect...as soon as they have hunted down and torched all of the main leadership of Hezbollah. It's like a Hydra. You cut one head off and another will grow in its place. But if you cut enough heads off and you cauterize the wounds as you do it...burn 'em real good. Then, the heads don't grow back.

If those in power were smart, U.S. forces in Iraq would be snuggling up to the Syrian border right now to make sure that they stay home and out of this little disagreement between Israel and the Hezbollah terrorist organization masquerading as the shadow of the sovereign power in Lebanon. The U.S. forces in Iraq wouldn't have to fire a shot. Just a show of strength along the border will be enough to keep the Syrians in their bunkers.

SIDEBAR: Captain America, you watch your ass when you rotate back over there. It's sort of got that "the tea kettle is on the stove and it's whistling. But no body is taking it off the fire or turning the heat down yet" look to it.

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C'mon, was there really any doubt about which way al-Jazz's coverage was going to slant?

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