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Saturday, February 17, 2007

NASCAR Craftsman Truck Winner at Daytona

A hundred yards up the track, exiting Turn 4, the #6 of Travis Kvapil was in the lead and had been for a bunch of laps. Coming out of the turn, Johnny Benson in the #23 bumped the #60 of Jack Sprague rocketing him past Kvapil on the outside with Benson cutting down to try to go by underneath.

Kvapil, who probably had the best truck all night, finished third...by 0.030 seconds or something insane like that.

Congrats to Jack Sprague on the win.

I love the Truck Series. I'm hopeful that the Car of Tomorrow will take Cup Racing closer to this type of excitement.


Anonymous randy meyer said...

I always liked that Car of Tomorrow cartoon that appeared sporadically on Tom and Jerry. It was a Tex Avery 'toon. It shared time with House of Tomorrow, TV of Tomorrow and Farm of Tomorrow. Classic stuff.

4:12 PM  

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