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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Refusal to Fight...

This guy joined the freaking Army.

He joined...he wasn't drafted...he wasn't coerced...he joined.

He was trained and took advantage of that training and rose to the rank of 1st Lieutenant.

Joining the Army means going where you're told and doing what you're told.

A hundred years ago, this guy would have faced a firing squad.


What does he think...is he trying to be the Next Generation John Kerry?

My father went to Korea. And later, went to Vietnam. And as a result of wounds sustained during Vietnam, he died. Two of my uncles went to Vietnam. My grandfather and grand-uncle were in World War II. I have family members in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. I am proud of them, beyond measure.

First Lt. Ehren Watada is dishonoring every soldier who ever wore the uniform. Those in combat today and those going back through history all the way to George Washington.

This kind of thing lights a fire in my ass. I don't agree with the war in Iraq either, but we've got troops on the ground. And if we leave, out of turn, we're going to be cheapening their service, sacrificing the Kurds, for sure, and any Shiite or Sunni who dared to stand up.

Careful consideration and action needs to be taken to do our best to guarantee the safety of those civilians who helped us out and to protect America's future interest in the region. Collin Powell warned us, "You break it. You bought it." We broke it.

Soldiers are allowed to have their own opinions...but when the chain of command says that it is go time, you, by God, go. And you put your opinions under your hat or in a drawer and do your duty.

Now, I don't think he should be shot, but he should be charged with "failure to deploy", "conduct unbecoming", and "dereliction of duty."

At the least, if he doesn't serve jail time, he needs to be dishonorably and publicly discharged.

Watada wants to be the public face of dissent.

Let him.

Ask Cindy Sheehan how the whole "face of dissent" thing is working out for her.

Additionally, he joined the Army after the war in Iraq had begun. Let me repeat that...


What the hell did he expect?


Check this article...specifically, go to the bottom and read the debate that is going on in the comments section at this link.


Wow! Here again, check out an article from the other side...my side of this debate. And go look at the comments section at the bottom.

And more on this story via the good folks over at Military Families Voice of Victory.


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