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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Unschooling Method...

You have got to be kidding me.

I don't have a problem with home schooling. But the "unschooling" method, allows the children to set their curricula and agenda. They decide what, when, and how they want to learn.

According to CNN, there are over 150,000 American families taking part in this.

5-year olds and 10-year olds should not be "deciding" what they are going to learn and when they are going to do it.


CNN did a great job of focusing on the "success" stories. A girl in Georgian was able to play piano and though she was of an age to be in the 4th grade, she reads at a 7th grade level. Hmmmm, okay...test her. Don't tell us and expect us to accept that kind of statement.

The structure of schooling is part of the socialization process. Without proper schooling, I would have probably been a hermit...as opposed to what I am now...watch it, no jokes from the peanut gallery.

One of the parents in the story was quoted as saying that "if his children wanted to go to college, they could..."

Uhm...how? Is he going to set up a chemistry lab in his garage so they can get their science creds? What about foreign language credits? What about all the other myriad credits and requirements needed to qualify?

Home schoolers and "Unschoolers" should have to file lesson plans and grades with the state so that results can be tracked and the children involved in those programs won't be left behind. I think in a structured home school environment that is less likely to happen, but the whole "Un" process seems to be unstructured, unfocused, and unrealistic.

The idea of leaving the education of the future generation in the immature hands of 5-year olds or 10-year olds isn't one that I condone.


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