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Friday, March 03, 2006

The 43 Days of Daytona - 2nd Place in 2005

The Top NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Driver Profiles of 2005.


Greg Biffle
#16 - Army National Guard / Subway / Jackson Hewitt

Greg Biffle raced his way to second place last season in the Roush Racing #16. He recorded 5 wins, 17 Top 5's, 21 Top 10's, and no poles. His winnings totaled $5,729,930.

Subway has expanded their sponsorship deal with Roush and the #16. They will be on the car for 11 races this season.

As we roll through tax season, the Jackson Hewitt paint scheme is making a few appearances. One at the California race. There are also a number of show cars appearing at sponsor sites around the country. A few weeks ago, the Jackson Hewitt car was outside one of their locations in Burleson, TX.

Biffle had a great season last year. And the expectation is that it will continue this year.

The blown motor at California messed up his second race of the season, but expect Biffle and his team to get it right and start their climb back toward the apex of the NASCAR Nextel Cup rankings.

Will sponsorship be big enough to allow the team to field a car every week? Yes. The sponsorship is solid.

Do I think he could go win a championship? Biffle is a class driver with a class team. They should run for the championship.

Do I think he could win a race or two and have a good season? Biffle will win at least two races, possibly four, this season.


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