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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Looks like Frist is Counting on Bush Having Coattails to Ride to the White House in '08

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist(R-TN) has crossed back over to the Dubaian company taking over our ports.

Isn't this a flip-flop??? Didn't we learn in the last election that flip-flopping was a bad thing?

Uh huh.

That is such a good idea, HEAVY SARCASM...as I already stated, here.

Someone needs to look this deal over. Someone who isn't someone's brother-in-law, old school friend, father's hunting partner, or who stands to make a buttload of money off of this deal. Take a long hard look at this company. Someone needs to look at the legalities of the deal and the safety of the American homeland from the standpoint of 911 and the things that the commission that studied 911 and the events leading up to it.

Maybe Frist is ready to drink the Kool Aid, but the American public shouldn't be.

Seems shortsighted and illicitous of him to be making a statement like this after only one weekend when the proposed 45 Day review hasn't even began yet.

Of course, commentators on Fox News have already changed their tunes as well. I heard one of them earlier today calling the Ports flap a Democratic plot.


All I know is that I will sleep better knowing that the ports through which massive amounts of unchecked material flow are in the hands of Americans.

Is that jingoistic? Sure, sue me.

Serious steps need to be taken to make the America that we live in, that my children live in, safer.

Customs needs to check bulk shipping items more closely.

INS needs to pay better attention to foreigners who come into this country on Visas.

The Border Patrol needs to be expanded and given a mandate to capture and deport immediately person's crossing the border.

Those people who put together those Border Crossing maps that make the whole experience safer and better, need to be arrested for aiding and abetting the illegal transport of illegal aliens across our national border. I'm not afraid of the man who needs to come to America for work...I'm afraid of the man who crosses the border with a backpack nuclear device.

The Coast Guard fleet needs to be upgraded in both ships and technology.

And for God's sake, Americans need to be in charge of all of the major ingress and egress points for shipping.

How a Republican President and Administration and, now, a Republican Senate Majority Leader can't see this as a problem is beyond me. I would almost expect something like this to come up on the radar and try to slip by us during a Democratic Administration. But considering the party positions, this coming from the Republicans has me flummoxed.

Ronald Reagan would never have done anything this stupid.


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