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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fight Over Ground Zero...This is Disgusting!

It's disgusting that the New York governor and the leaseholder for the site can't put aside their bickering over the site. They're fighting over sacred ground.

Earth to Silverstein and Pataki, we don't care who's right, just get it done.

How much of it is about money? And how much of it is about politics?

Somebody needs to tell Pataki that he won't ever be President. The foibles of his governorship are going to hang around his neck like a millstone. Giuliani, spiritually, led that city and, to a large extent, the country coming out of 9/11. He deserves the credit. To the rest of the country, Pataki was that guy who stood behind Giuliani at press conferences.

And someone needs to out-and-out ask Silverstein, how much it will cost to have him surrender his leasehold on the WTC site.


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