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Friday, March 10, 2006

NASCAR Hall of Fame Announcement...Anti-Climax

If you missed it, after long consideration and multiple cities being in the running, NASCAR has made their choice.

Charlotte, North Carolina.

Hmmm, how many of us really expected them to choose anyplace other than Daytona, Florida or Charlotte? Really?

Heck, they should have just announced that it was going to be in the Carolinas and been done with it instead of building pseudo-drama and hopes and expectations in the not-Charlotte or Daytona cities.

My picks would have been either Bristol, because its Bristol and the best race of the year every time we go there, or Kansas City, not because of the track or anything like that, but because it is "Middle America" and would represent NASCAR growing beyond their roots and reaching out to their nationwide fan base.

Wow, they picked Charlotte.(NOTE: Heavy Sarcasm.)


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