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Thursday, April 06, 2006

I've Said It Before...And I'll Say It Again...

Thumbs Down......Thumbs Down......Thumbs Down Thumbs Down......Thumbs Down

NBC Sucks!!!!!

NBC sent "Muslim" looking men to the race at Martinsville, VA and followed them around with a hidden camera crew. Obviously trying to create a story. Fishing for crazed rednecks who could embarass NASCAR and give NBC a chance to rattle the sabre and make themselves look smug.

Joke was on them though. According to Forbes, race fans didn't bother the men while they were at the track. Fox reported the Dateline actions as well.

Probably comes back to NBC being pissy because they are losing their race coverage to ABC/ESPN. And again...as I've said before...NBC's NASCAR race coverage sucks donkey ass.

It's a shame too cause Brian Williams is a big NASCAR fan.


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