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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

NASCAR by the Numbers...per Forbes

Forbes does NASCAR

Think about how upset Valvoline and Stanley Tools were when they spent all that money on the Everham Motors/Scott Riggs #10 Dodge and, then, first race of the season, they get to sit in the stands...with their driver cause he didn't qualify.

Wow! "...a Top 25 finisher at the Daytona 500 got the equivalent of 7 million dollars of 30 second commercials." Sponsors must be getting their money worth...especially if their driver is named Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Kurt Busch...you know...the favored sons of NASCAR.

The apparent return on investment is huge in NASCAR. Another example from the article, Dale Earnhardt Jr. won one race last year and came close a number of other times. Not to mention the whole "favored son" attitude, which gets him on television even when he is running 30th and mired back in the pack. Estimate places the value of Earnhardt's season for his sponsor, Budweiser, at $149 million dollars...after spending 20 to 25 million on the #8 DEI Chevy team.

Ratings numbers have pushed NASCAR into the #2 slot in major sports, behind only the NFL. That's incredible.

Money drives the sport.

But I still don't agree with the Top 35 are guaranteed a spot in the field. If you go to the track and have the money and the car to qualify, and run faster than one of these "established" teams, then, you should, by God, get in the race. Everyone has sponsors who are spending good money to get themselves in, and some of these old school bastards are spending their own money to get in.

The Top 35 rule makes it harder to get one of those "rags to riches", "an unknown comes out of the stands at Augusta"-kind of stories.

Ah well, glad to see that the sport is healthy and growing.

Thanks to Forbes.


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