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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The 43 Days of Daytona - 7th Place in 2005

The Top NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Driver Profiles of 2005.


Matt Kenseth
#17 - DeWalt / USG / Carhartt / R+L Carriers

The Wisconsin native, Matt Kenseth, had a good season for Roush Racing. He made the Chase along with all the other Roush cars finished 7th in points. He had 2 poles, 1 win, 12 Top 5's, and 17 Top 10's. Those numbers add up to one hell of a season. Those Top 5 and Top 10 numbers in particular point to how consistent this season was for the #17 team. He scored winnings of $5,790,770.

Around the time that Roush signed Jamie McMurray, Kenseth raised a stink. He felt that with Mark Martin retiring, which he changed his mind about, he should have input into who the racing team hires as the next young driver since he would be the senior driver on the staff. Well...surprise, Matt...Mark didn't retire and the name over the door is Jack Roush not Matt Kenseth.

Sponsorship will be hodgepodge this season with DeWalt on the car for the majority of races and then a mix of primary sponsorships for the balance of the season.

Kenseth won the IROC race at Daytona. He leads the points in the Crown Royal International Race of Champions. He is the only cup driver in the Top 4. Of the 12 cars running this season, only 6 finished the race at Daytona. It was a mess of mangled machinery.

He finished the Daytona 500 in 15th after tangling with Tony Stewart in an on-track disagreement which drew penalties for both of them.

Will sponsorship be big enough to allow the team to field a car every week? Yes, the car will run every week.

Do I think he could go win a championship? It's a Roush car with a talented driver. He will be in the Chase.

Do I think he could win a race or two and have a good season? Yes, he could win 2 races this year and possibly a third, but I doubt more than that.


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