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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Smoking Lamp #72


Dragon Claws #32

Part 4: The Last Battle

by David Wheatley

Wheatley has carved out a healthy portion of the Pendragon-verse as his own in Dragon's Claws. Wheatley has been tabbed by Barry Reese to takeover the Pendragons core title. He has put together an impressive run on Dragon's Claws, for which he has written all 32 issues.

My favorite scene was when Rick reached out with the Destiny Force and triggered the people...and images of humanity kicking Martian ass run through my head.

A close second is when the agents of Darkmoor arrived to, at least attempt, to take Pen Dragon and Jessica Drew into custody.

Good stuff.

Captain Avalon #1
Captain Avalon #2

"Ghosts and Devils" Parts 1 and 2

by Barry Reese

Barry is the King of the Pendragon court. It was all his fan-ficky baby way back over a hundred issues ago. It is a big universe full of big ideas and Barry has done an incredible job of welding the Pendragons mythos together. And with Captain Avalon, he will continue to contribute to the greatness that is the Pendragon-verse.

Oh God, Barry...wow. Kelsey striking out with the sword at the apparition at the end of the fight with the Massai was a heart tugger. Wow. Maybe not my favorite scene, but I tell you what, I'll remember it for a good long while.

3 words, Zombie Union Jack...ick.

Nice to see that Barry "Lovecraft Jr." Reese isn't losing his touch.

Avengers 2000

60's Avengers #26

"Of Allies and Enemies"

by Jeff Melton

I've enjoyed everything that I've read from Mr. Melton. He has thrown down a helluva run at Av2K on Invaders and at the Other Worlds branch on 60's Avengers.

I'm a sucker for Thor spins his hammer scenes. Add in the big crowd of Avengers ready to combat the evil of the Lethal Legion and this is just pure comic book gold. Any scene that you can instantly see what it would look like on the comic book page is well done, and this one fits the bill.

Good long fight scene. Lots of heroes, lots of villains, and things blow up. Aces.

Boxing glove arrow...always good for a retro story.

The Ringer-Black Widow-Hawkeye fight was probably my favorite.


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