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Friday, February 24, 2006

The 43 Days of Daytona - 5th Place in 2005

The Top NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Driver Profiles of 2005.


Jimmie Johnson
#48 - Lowes

My feelings about this driver and his situation have been pretty clearly expressed following the incident in Daytona qualifying, but this is about last year.

Johnson had a great year in 2005.

He ran the full season in the Hendrick Motorsports Lowes Chevy. He recorded 1 pole, 4 wins, 13 Top 5's, and 22 Top 10's. He had the most Top 10's of anyone last season. His winnings totaled $6,796,660.

His '06 season is going to be impacted by the fallout of the rules infraction at Daytona. You can't go four races without your crew chief and there not be some impact. The Hendrick's organization is solid and strong. But that is a very hard row to hoe. Let's wait and see how the #48 stands when we get to Bristol.

Rick Hendrick is going the extra mile to try and put out the rumor that Chad Knaus is angling to get out of his contract so he can go work for Everham. Knaus is in the middle of a five year contract extension, which Hendrick wants to renegotiate and extend even further.

It was actually a fairly quiet offseason for the #48.

Johnson and Knaus appeared on an episode of the NBC series Las Vegas, playing themselves. The airdate was listed as February 6th, but I don't recall advertising pushing that episode, so it may not have aired yet.

Will sponsorship be big enough to allow the team to field a car every week? Yes. The Lowes sponsorship is solid.

Do I think he could go win a championship? He's ran for the championship for the last two years. Even with the four race handicap, he should be in the thick of things coming down the stretch.

Do I think he could win a race or two and have a good season? He had 22 Top 10's last season. If you consistently run that close to the front in races, you will have a chance to win. Johnson wins 3 races this year...at least.


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