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Thursday, March 09, 2006

5 From the Smoke

Caught these songs on Yahoo's Launchcast.

song American Jesus
artist - Bad Religion

The song has some catchy parts to it, but it is overwhelmed by the monotone quality of the singing and repetitive nature of the song.

TtCS ranking * Star

song Lights and Sounds
artist - Yellowcard

This was a red card song, if you ask me.

TtCS ranking 1/2 Star

song Bat Country
artist - Avenged Sevenfold

These guys could have been late 80's or early 90's metal. Pretty good stuff.

TtCS ranking ** Stars

song Wings of the Butterfly
artist - H.I.M.

If they don't count Queensryche as an influence, they are lying to themselves.

TtCS ranking **** Stars

song DOA
artist - Foo Fighters

What can you really say about the Fighter from Foo. They are incredible.

TtCS ranking ***** Stars


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